Dr. Roy Choudhury S.R. (2013). à¦­à¦°à¦¾à¦¥à¦¾à¦• স্মূতিসুধায় (Let it be filled with Nectar of Memory). An account of a short trip to Ulpur, Bangladesh the birth place of the author.

Dr. Roy Choudhury S.R. (2010). বিশ্বপর্যটকের ডায়রি (Diary of a Globe Trotter). Accounts of travels in forty four countries in Europe and Asia.

Dr. Roy Choudhury S.R. (2007). চিন তিব্বত মোঙ্গোলিয়া (China, Tibet and Mongolia). An account of travel in China, Tibet and Mongolia.

Dr. Roy Choudhury S.R. (2004). স্বল্প ব্যয়ে বিশ্বভ্রমণ (Global Travels at Minimum Cost). A detailed accounts of travels in twenty countries in Europe.

Roy Choudhury S. R. (1995). এলেম নতুন দেশে (I Have. Come in a New Country), a fiction with the idea of a new economic theory.

Roy Choudhury S. R. (1986). মানবপ্রেমিক (The Lover of Humankind), a scenario for film based on life and activities of SriChaitanya as Social reformer screened in 1990.